Firm Profile

Universal Communications

Universal Company provides program, project, digital transformation, and Logistics management services for clients in a range of sectors undertaking major projects across Iraq and the middle east. Our services include cost estimating, quality assurance, inspection, scheduling, risk management, and claims avoidance.

We are one of the biggest digital transformation and logistics management firms in Iraq.

Over the last 10 years, we have developed the experience, expertise, and national-class talent that allows us to offer a deeper perspective on our client’s projects. We can quickly and accurately identify the potential risks facing a project and provide recommendations on how to effectively navigate these risks.

We operate in 3 offices across 3 countries. Our regional teams have deep, intuitive local knowledge that helps our clients navigate any potential obstacles. We support this expertise with our wider team of internationally recognized experts.

Our focus as a business is digitalization and logistics management, which means we are free of any potential business or contracting conflicts of interest. Our sole purpose is protecting our clients’ needs, managing any potential risks, and delivering projects on time and within budget.

Together, we deliver the infrastructure of change.

Universal is a private company headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq.